Creativity is the spice of life.  (<<Yeah, we rewrote the quote, lol)

When we’re not working, we still find ways to create things and find inspiration..

((Sorry for the iphone photos!!)

Here’s the Lego play table that my kids love dearly!  I used to cut & weed vinyl graphics so my Father and Husband made this lighted table for me by cutting out the center of the table, inserting two lights and putting beadboard under the opening.  Then they ordered a custom piece of super thick glass to cover the top.  Now, we’ve repurposed the table (shortened the legs with a saw) and filled it with my kids’ latest paper mache diorama.  The diorama is made from watered down elmer’s glue, old magazine strips, acrylic paint  fake and real moss and hot glue.  Oh, and glitter, we can’t forget the glitter!  To add depth and character we have a chicken wire frame beneath.  The rocks are the final touch.

My daughter had the fun idea of adding a treasure chest (or two) to inspire more fun lego dramas they could play out.  We used a lego treasure chest and basket with hot glue and beads and findings from Hobby Lobby.

Now it may be impossible to pull my kiddos away to help set the table, but at least they are playing imagintively and less interested in their tech gadgets.  (Score!)

I decided to also throw in a photo on this post of the kids’ lego soap dispensers.  This has helped reinforce handwashing in our house.  (Whatever works!!)  All you do is toss legos into a dispenser and fill with your favorite color of soap.  Leave us a comment if you like these, or feel free to repin on pinterest or share with friends!