Hello, Texas!

Allow me to introduce our team and give you some back story!  We’ve been in Texas for 11 months now, having moved down from Indiana!  We have finally gotten to know the area, and we LOVE it!  We are a 2 person photo and video team:  David Tillett and Carrie Bower.

I (Carrie) met David through church and ministry projects 7 years ago.  We worked on so many things as a trio with my husband Josh- like children’s church, puppets, Bible club, VBS, a mission trip… That when David approached me about videography and weddings, I already knew he was trustworthy and fun to work with.  David quickly became a good friend and adopted little brother to us (don’t worry we tease him plenty as a good brother and sister should lol).  David has a rescued Beagle mix named Annie, and he loves water and anything outdoorsy.  In his time away from Kindred, he works for John Deere (as does Josh- so they see each other quite a bit!)

Josh and I have two kiddos, Maddie and Jude, and a daughter who waits for us in Heaven, Miss Lila Grace.  We also have a pug named Tessie and two goats, 13 chickens and 3 cats.  (It’s a full time backyard farm here, lol)

As a group we all love to kayak in our spare time and spend as much time as possible outdoors.  We’re so thankful for the chance to serve Texas clients (other states too!), God has been so good to us!  Collectively our team has 180+ wedding experience.

We’d love to get to know you too!  Do you live in our local area?  Drop us an email and say hello!  kindredphotovideo@gmail.com.  We love to collaborate!




Go pro kayak shot of all of us on Thanksgiving kayaking in Tyler, Texas.IMG_4402