1,800 must be Kindred’s special number because we keep ending our editing sessions with about that many photos for each couple.  Yes, it happened again, and yes- that is A LOT OF PHOTOS… But who wouldn’t love to have all these moments captured from their most important day?!  Big shout out here to Courtney Payne for being our trusted second shooter and capturing lovely shots!  We are so thankful for her!

Here is just a quick preview of those 1,800.  It was hard to choose what to share because we had so many great memories from the wedding.  Though it was cold outside, Brock and Erica’s crew were all troopers and posed like it was perfectly toasty outside.  We loved this wedding party and their spirit.  Both families are equally awesome too.  We are thankful we could be a part of this magnificent day.

Congrats to this happy pair!