We love hanging with the Howards (We totally just swiped their family hashtag for this post title)  They are fun loving, kindhearted, genuine people who make us laugh hysterically every time we see them.  We have been blessed to be a part of the birth of both boys – capturing that is just priceless..

Now, here are some of our favorite shots from our Brown County, (Nashville) Indiana session.


This face right here!!  Landon, you are so silly!  We love it!

h (97)

Let me see what’s in that lens, lady!!

h (81)


Nathan, the first little guy I ever visited in the hospital for birth photos.  He’s such a charmer, sweet as pie and good with the ladies.

h (59)

There are going to be so many girls chasing these Howard boys.  I blame the dimples and the natural flirting skills…  lol.