Do you absolutely love photography and want to learn more, but have no idea where to start?  We (Carrie Bower and David Tillett of Kindred Photo and Video) are offering to teach you what we know about photography.  Pursue your passion, live your dream, pick up that camera!  We can teach you to use what you currently have, and advise you of future options when you want to upgrade.


I, Carrie, will never forget the very first photo I took manually with my Nikon.  My heart fluttered with excitement because I finally had it!  I finally grasped what was needed to make images pop.  It would be amazing to be able to share this teaching with you and get you going with your camera!  Message us at for more information.  Classes are done individually at times that work for you, and tailored to your needs and style.  kindred-photo-video-teaching-photography-lessons-classes