If you’re looking to get to know the Kindred team better, check out Part 1 and Part 2 for more info!

This third post is some insight on an inside work joke that was started- Carrie had the desire to fully learn photoshop these last few years, and she used David as her main subject -crafting some hilarious memories of truth mixed with a little fun fiction, here are just four of the many photoshop follies that have been made!

David with Nessie, as the moon, on the level of a Toad named Harold and featured in the Chicago River pretending in his mind he is Michael Scott from the Office.  lol.  Enjoy!kindred-photo-video-wedding-duo-team-carrie-bower-david-tillett-16kindred-photo-video-wedding-duo-team-carrie-bower-david-tillett-17kindred-photo-video-wedding-duo-team-carrie-bower-david-tillett-18kindred-photo-video-wedding-duo-team-carrie-bower-david-tillett-19