We thought that our perspective clients might appreciate getting to know us- just a little insight before the first meeting.  So, here you have it- the get to know you portion of Kindred Photo & Video- Wedding Duo, Carrie Bower and David Tillett.

Part 1:  What makes us tick..

There are so many things that we adore, we’ll start with David First- he’s mainly the videography portion of Kindred – but don’t let that fool you- he’s an expert at capturing photos that are breath taking.  (He captured 15th anniversary photos in Mount Hood Oregon for Carrie and Josh that will blow you away- check that out right here…)

David tends to live simply, but what he loves is this (these things are not all in order)

God, His huge family (He’s one of 6 kids) Close Friends, Summer, Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Videography + Go-pro, Coffee, Campfires and Adventure + Travel.  He also has an amazing dog named Annie that he got at a shelter.

Onto the lead Photographer, Carrie, who also has videography skills, but mainly loves to capture still images.

Carrie loves-

God, family, faithful friends, summer time, sunshine, kayaking, food!!!, running, Photoshop, coffee, sweet tea, campfires, adventure + travel.  She is married to Josh (2001) and has three children- Maddie, Lila and Jude (Lila passed away as a baby and waits for them in Heaven).  They also have a pug named Tessie who is somewhat famous on instagram, lol  check out hashtag #tessiepug.  Along with the pug there are about 30 chickens, 3 goats and 2 cats on their backyard farm.

The Kindred Mascots: David’s Beagle Mix, Annie- and Carrie’s Pug, Tessie.



Josh, Carrie & David on Lake Michigan after paddling the Kalamazoo River on a FRIGID April day.


As a team, Kindred loves helping with Extreme Response Internationalclick here to visit their page and learn more about this amazing organization.  They recently traveled to California and did 30 sessions to help out.  Keep an eye out for ER Benefit sessions as they are super affordable and your family photos proceeds (100%) can go toward helping people living in extreme situations!

Pictured with us is Ruth, our amazing host, coordinator and dear friend!

Below are some of the amazing people we had the joy of meeting in Cali!