36 Hours was the length of our trip out west, and we’ll tell you the trip there was a lot faster than the trip home.  At least it felt like it.  The next time we go to Oregon, we’ll fly.  For sure.  It went really well, but just for the sake of 72 total hours in a rental SUV, let’s just say we’ll fly next time.  Oh wait, I already mentioned that. lol.

We saw such amazing things like the Columbia River Gorge, Mount Rushmore, The Amana Colonies, Umatilla Chemical Depot (  so super creepy check this out:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umatilla_Chemical_Depot) Old Faithful at Yellowstone, Mount Hood and so much more.  Overall, I think all five of us agree that Oregon was THE most AMAZING.  Can’t wait to go back.