Crazy name for a blog post?  At first glance, perhaps, but we challenge you to look at it differently.  This isn’t 1986 anymore, heading to the back of your local retailer for posed portraits is no longer the ‘thing’ to do.  Photos have come so far in this digital age.  Now it’s all about truth, passion, heart, soul, REAL life captured…  We love helping capture a feast for the eyes, that proverbial photo that’s worth those thousand words (maybe two thousand- hey, we aim high!!)  Let us take your family photos from posed into the land of heart and soul.  When you print off your photos and open that package for the first time we want you to stop in your tracks and thank the good Lord that you are so blessed.  That feeling can and should wash over you that what you have in your life is the essence of life itself.

Photo cred:

David Tillett  ©Kindred Photo and Video