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We are excited to finally share that Kindred is moving to Texas! We will be sad to say goodbye to our amazing Indiana clients (Fear not though!! We’ll be back many times through 2018 to honor wedding contracts, certificates and other scheduled events- so we may see you!!) Please keep in touch, as we have loved being a part of your memories and would love to stay connected! We will still be booking sessions in Indiana during our visits- don’t hesitate to ask for available dates.

My husband, Josh, and I fell in love with Texas in 2006 and have always envisioned ourselves growing old there. My business partner, David, recently visited there several times and decided he liked the idea as well. We’re loving the prospect of being able to do outdoor photography/videography year round!! There is a new office and studio space in the works!

Thank you for believing in our work, hiring us to capture your memories, and for the 120 weddings experience you’ve given us here in Indiana and beyond. We feel so blessed, thank you!! Love you guys!!

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Who is Kindred?

Welcome to Kindred Photo & Video!

Kindred is a collaboration between two friends.  David began his video journey in 2010 and ventured into photography in early 2015.  Carrie began her photography adventure in 2002 with film, graduated to digital in 2005, then added videography in 2015.  With similar hobbies, skills and years of shared jobs, they decided to merge their talents and offer clients more.  Thus, Kindred was born.

Feel free to contact for information or pricing for services.  If you’d like to “get to know your crew”  check out these posts for more info-

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Then laugh along with us over Part 3!


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Our Kids!

These are our kiddos.  Josh and I are blessed by them, they are growing like weeds!!

George + Melissa

Texas Weddings, Photo + Video, $2k

$2K – all day, that’s our motto.

You get all your files, edited.  With a copyright Release.

You get videos from the whole day on one amazing dvd (that is sure to make you feel like a celeb)

You get a two person team who has the same goal you do- have that wedding day captured in the most beautiful and personal way..


Call us or text. 219 208 5282

We LOVE weddings!!!


Workman Crew

Sessions with this crew are always a blast.  In just one session we got to see Superman Remy and his big brother Eli playing drums, skipping rocks and just being boys!  What a fun day!

We’ll have a video from this session soon!



Turrill Family

This family is just so sweet!  Miss Audrey is growing so fast, every time we see her she is taller and has so much more to say.  We loved playing with her in the park and watching her interact with her adorable parents!

Emily’s a Senior!

Leah + Gene’s Tyler, Texas Wedding

We love working with this family, so glad we could be a part of their wedding day.  Leah and Gene are such patient, loving parents.  They are devoted to their sweet family, and it shows.


They were the very first family session we did after moving to Texas, then the first wedding too!  We feel blessed to know such genuine people.

Toudouze Family, Texas.

I was so excited to meet this family. I knew going into it that they are a John Deere Family which being a John Deere Family ourselves- we loved that! What I didn’t know was that Michael used to be an NFL player for the Colts (Go figure, I lived in Indiana half my life and never met a Colts player until I moved to Texas lol). We sooo enjoyed working with them and seeing their patience in parenting, they are amazing people, and their children were absolute troopers during this hot humid day.

Jackie + Dillon, Fairy Tale Love Story

The vows!  The vows!!!

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