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We are excited to finally share that Kindred is moving to Texas! We will be sad to say goodbye to our amazing Indiana clients (Fear not though!! We’ll be back many times through 2018 to honor wedding contracts, certificates and other scheduled events- so we may see you!!) Please keep in touch, as we have loved being a part of your memories and would love to stay connected! We will still be booking sessions in Indiana during our visits- don’t hesitate to ask for available dates.

My husband, Josh, and I fell in love with Texas in 2006 and have always envisioned ourselves growing old there. My business partner, David, recently visited there several times and decided he liked the idea as well. We’re loving the prospect of being able to do outdoor photography/videography year round!! There is a new office and studio space in the works!

Thank you for believing in our work, hiring us to capture your memories, and for the 120 weddings experience you’ve given us here in Indiana and beyond. We feel so blessed, thank you!! Love you guys!!

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Who is Kindred?

Welcome to Kindred Photo & Video!

Kindred is a collaboration between two friends.  David began his video journey in 2010 and ventured into photography in early 2015.  Carrie began her photography adventure in 2002 with film, graduated to digital in 2005, then added videography in 2015.  With similar hobbies, skills and years of shared jobs, they decided to merge their talents and offer clients more.  Thus, Kindred was born.

Feel free to contact for information or pricing for services.  If you’d like to “get to know your crew”  check out these posts for more info-

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{{ Completely & Perfectly & Incandescently Happy }}

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Pinterest Ideas You’ll want to Snag!

Ideas you won’t be able to resist.  Check them out at this link:  PINTEREST

Pride & Prejudice.

If you haven’t already seen the post leading up to this one, check it out so you get the back story on these incredible photos my business partner captured for me and my daughter.  He brought the dream to life. We love Pride and Prejudice.


Mother Daughter Session {Pride & Prejudice Theme}

It has been said:  A daughter is God’s way of saying, “thought you could use a lifelong friend.”

Madelyn was born in 2005 when Josh and I were in our early twenties.  She {{{Rocked}}} our world and taught us not to think of ourselves first.  We were a family, and it was all new.  In 2007 we had a second daughter named Lila Grace  Maddie was two and a half when her sister came along.  Lila was a gorgeous baby just like her big sis.  We loved those little girls with every ounce of us.  When we woke up on a February morning in 2008, and Lila had gone to Heaven in her sleep (just shy of three months old)  it shattered our hearts.  Our Maddie ached an ache no little one should ever have to feel.  She lost her self-proclaimed best friend.  “Her” Baby.  Her “Why-la Gwayce”.  Maddie’s heart broke, the night terrors began, then one day she rose up out of her pain and grew tough as nails.  She has a soft heart, and a kind soul, but she shields them wisely.

“Being a Mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had, and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed.”  -Linda Wooten

Our children have been blessed with knowing 7 great grandparents (Leona, Ron, Carol, Galen, Dawn, Nelson and Suzie) which is so amazing..  Such a gift from God.  When my maternal grandmother, Suzie, was passing Maddie insisted on staying by her side as much as she could in the hospital.  She was kind and sweet and handled the sadness with courage. She and her brother have had the deep pain of losing their only Uncle (Derek), and Derek’s precious baby boy Dominyk.  So much pain for tender little hearts to carry.  Derek was the fun Uncle who made the kids giggle endlessly, and played with them on their level.  His absence is deep and obvious.  His heartfelt kindness is missed.

This sweet, now 12 year old girl, is amazing at dealing with life, and it’s curve balls.  We are proud to be her parents, and though we sometimes take her for granted, she knows we love her fiercely.  God used her as the glue that held us together through the toughest times of our life.  Her love of Jesus is obvious, her heart is bold with love.  She’s a big sister {four years older} to a younger brother, Jude Matthias, we’ll have a post about him as soon as he stops running from the camera!

I wanted to celebrate being a mother to a strong daughter.  To highlight this time when we are close friends.  This session is us, being us.  We love to pretend, to dress up, be silly..  We adore the Jane Austen novel Pride and Prejudice (as well as the movie from the year she was born  ::swoon::)

“Completely and Perfectly and Incandescently Happy” — Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen.

We love shopping at thrift stores for pretty costume type gowns, themed photo sessions and memory making adventures.  I believe Jane Austen herself would have enjoyed this session in the sunset.  It was a perfect night.


“Keep shining beautiful one, the world needs your light.”  –Author Unknown.


Throwback, First Birthday Inspiration

We love themed sessions!


First Birthday Inspiration

Here are some fun inspirational ideas for your little ones first birthday photo session.  These are such adorable themes, including woodland critters with a teepee, and a sweet Lumberjack session.  These ideas were all created by our client Sayde and her amazingly talented Mom.  Check out that cute “Where the wild things are” look and that sweet smash cake!  Being one has never been this much fun!  kindred texas photography

Farmer’s Market, Round II for Kindred.

Here is just a small sampling of the Farmer’s Market photos.  Please stop by our facebook page {{click here}} to see all the photobooth photos, merchants and more fun!!  Feel free to copy, share, like or use as your own profile photo.

Real Estate, Tyler Texas.

This video we shot Saturday shows just how lovely this home is in Tyler, Texas.


Coldwell Banker, Tyler Texas Home.

We love working with Coldwell Banker agent,  Bunny Mrosko.  She’s got this sweet home listed just outside of Tyler.  It’s country living with just a few minutes commute to all the best shopping and jobs Tyler has to offer.  If you’re looking for a new home, or know someone who is, please share this link with them.

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