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For Brides: Why hire Kindred?

We are excited to answer this question because for Kindred – it’s not about us- it’s about YOU.

These are your most important moments, and you can be sure we want to hear exactly how you envision every detail!  Other photographers may claim this, but check their pricing and reviews before hiring!  We have over 165+ wedding experience and knowledge of both photo and video.  (And we shoot manually with full knowledge of our equipment – we are not shooting on automatic and letting our cameras choose the settings! )

We aren’t out to get rich – we do this job because we are passionate about preserving memories.  It’s more of a love than a job!

We don’t have set hours, and we are excited to be a part of your day!  We’ll talk with you about your needs, your hopes and your budget and tailor a package to suit all of that.  No hidden fees or pop up surprises later.  We’re just a two person, honest team that loves to serve happy couples.  Whether it’s a traditional church wedding or a backyard event, courthouse wedding, even a destination, we are thrilled to be a part of it!

Please feel free to call Carrie (219) 208-5282 to discuss your day.  You can text too!  We don’t mind a bit!

We’ve been in Texas since March and are excited to be serving Texas and beyond!!

Looking forward to hearing from you!




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We are excited to finally share that Kindred is moving to Texas! We will be sad to say goodbye to our amazing Indiana clients (Fear not though!! We’ll be back many times through 2018 to honor wedding contracts, certificates and other scheduled events- so we may see you!!) Please keep in touch, as we have loved being a part of your memories and would love to stay connected! We will still be booking sessions in Indiana during our visits- don’t hesitate to ask for available dates.

My husband, Josh, and I fell in love with Texas in 2006 and have always envisioned ourselves growing old there. My business partner, David, recently visited there several times and decided he liked the idea as well. We’re loving the prospect of being able to do outdoor photography/videography year round!! There is a new office and studio space in the works!

Thank you for believing in our work, hiring us to capture your memories, and for the 120 weddings experience you’ve given us here in Indiana and beyond. We feel so blessed, thank you!! Love you guys!!

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Who is Kindred?

Welcome to Kindred Photo & Video!

Kindred is a collaboration between two friends.  David began his video journey in 2010 and ventured into photography in early 2015.  Carrie began her photography adventure in 2002 with film, graduated to digital in 2005, then added videography in 2015.  With similar hobbies, skills and years of shared jobs, they decided to merge their talents and offer clients more.  Thus, Kindred was born.

Feel free to contact for information or pricing for services.  If you’d like to “get to know your crew”  check out these posts for more info-

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Then laugh along with us over Part 3!


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Just a fun behind the scenes shot from Courtney Payne.  Thanks, Courtney!!  This is literally how most people see us on the job.  Haha!  DSC_8862.jpg

Erica + Brock

1,800 must be Kindred’s special number because we keep ending our editing sessions with about that many photos for each couple.  Yes, it happened again, and yes- that is A LOT OF PHOTOS… But who wouldn’t love to have all these moments captured from their most important day?!  Big shout out here to Courtney Payne for being our trusted second shooter and capturing lovely shots!  We are so thankful for her!

Here is just a quick preview of those 1,800.  It was hard to choose what to share because we had so many great memories from the wedding.  Though it was cold outside, Brock and Erica’s crew were all troopers and posed like it was perfectly toasty outside.  We loved this wedding party and their spirit.  Both families are equally awesome too.  We are thankful we could be a part of this magnificent day.

Congrats to this happy pair!



We loved doing this session in Kilgore, Texas!  It was the perfect day with a gorgeous golden sunset.

T+M {Louisiana Wedding}

Taylor and Mark are the cutest.  Seriously, they love to laugh, totally enjoy each others company, and they treat their family with so much gratitude and respect.  You couldn’t ask for a sweeter pair than this one.  We were thrilled to be a part of this day, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

There are over 800 photos, wish we could share more- but this amazing family will be receiving them in the mail very soon!


David & Annie

Now that Christmas cards have gone out, here is Annie’s hilarious session with David.  She was not thrilled about the mittens or the fox hat.  LOL!

Sweethearts <3

Winter Wedding {M+S}

group (392)group (383)For years I have had the joy of taking photos for Mary and Scott and their precious little girl, Audrey.  I was thrilled when I was asked to photograph their big day. I knew it would be absolutely beautiful and filled with love to the brim.  And it was…  Just look.   Gorgeous colors, precious memories, deep friendships and so much more.  What a blessing to be a part of this wonderful day.  Every thing fell beautifully in to place.  We’ll be sharing David’s video shortly.  We can’t wait!

Lake Fork Backyard Wedding {swoon}

When best friends say ‘I do.”
Aaron and Katie’s wedding yesterday was pure perfection. Every detail was lovingly thought over, especially this precious abbreviation on the alter above them ILYMTYLTT in memory of what Grandpa would tell Grandma- I love you more today yet less than tomorrow….
I can’t wait to show you more!


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